Monday, March 5, 2012

[6.002x] Introduction

Dear all,

My name is Tony Kim and I will be your instructor for the MITx course 6.002x (Circuits and Electronics) at the Sant school. With this email, I would like to introduce myself and orient you to the exciting journey ahead.

As you may already know, 6.002x is the introductory circuits course at MIT for students studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. This year, MIT made the remarkable announcement that it will allow everyone in the world to enroll in 6.002x and partake in all of its content including homework sets, exams, and interactive labs. Additionally, when you complete the course, MIT will issue an official "MITx" certificate that verifies that you have completed the coursework with your grade. I sincerely believe that the experience of 6.002x and the MITx certificate will positively impact your future beyond the Sant school.

At MIT, 6.002x is typically studied by first- and second-year students in electrical engineering. As such, the coursework will be challenging. In return for your hard work, you will learn in 6.002x how to apply basic mathematics and physics to engineering problems. I hope that you will also feel a sense of empowerment as you begin to understand the working principles underlying all modern electronics.

* * *


The MITx program is independent of the Sant School. In fact, the 6.002x program will begin in a few days, and you will be responsible for watching the 6.002x lectures (taught by MIT professors).

At the Sant school, I will teach additional lessons that will support the online 6.002x lectures. The idea is not to replace the official 6.002x lectures. In fact, I will assume that you have attended all 6.002x lectures on time. At the Sant school, we will discuss the topics in further depth -- by discussions and by working through problems in detail. This will also help with the assignments that you must complete for MIT.

Please note: during the first few weeks, I will teach the Sant school lectures over Skype. However, by the end of March, I will be in Mongolia and the class will continue in person.

When I arrive in Mongolia, I will set up a basic electronics lab. In addition to the 6.002x lectures both from MIT and the Sant school, you will have the opportunity to work with real circuits. You will learn how to build basic circuits as well as how to take measurements. The lab component is important in relating the theoretical content of 6.002x to real-life engineering.

I hope that you are as excited as I am to study 6.002x. I am looking forward to meeting each of you,


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