Friday, March 9, 2012

Things are arriving! (3)

The final batch of stuff that I ordered arrived today. All that's remaining are some cables from L-Com and more solar panels.

Things that are supposed to plug into the wall can take 240VAC:

One tricky thing: the function generator has an internal switch for setting 120/240VAC which is fine, but I did not purchase the replacement fuse for 240VAC yet.

This is some extra stuff that I have accumulated over the years that I will donate to the Sant school. It will be interesting if we could eventually do FPGA projects in Mongolia!

Let's see if things generally work.

1. Just reading the function generator output. Check.

2. Common source amplifier -- the basic piece of 6.002. Running on regulated batteries. Check. (Note to self: batteries on carry-on luggage, not check-in.)

3. See if the scope works with my radar (and that the radar still works...). Check! (The wiggles detect my moving of the hand in front of the radar transducers, i.e. the coffee cans.) I wonder if the TSA will let me take the radar...

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