Friday, June 8, 2012

[6.002x] The End

Congratulations to everyone for finishing the final exam of 6.002x.

The last three months were some of the most difficult in your academic career so far -- the challenging engineering curriculum from MIT, the daily lab/lecture sessions at the Sant school, as well as the fact that the entire course was conducted in English. You should be very proud of having completed the course.

I believe that all of you have learned a lot about electrical engineering -- both theory and practice. The content of 6.002x is a crucial foundation for further studies in electrical engineering, and I hope that you will stay engaged with future follow-on courses from MITx. And, for those of you who did not completely master the content of 6.002x, you should consider re-enrolling in the class during the September session. (You can then spend this summer, among other things, by reviewing math fundamentals necessary for 6.002x.)

For your information, I will be leaving Mongolia on Sunday night. I will be available at the school on Saturday and Sunday, however, to discuss anything that you're interested in. I would love to see you there.

I hope to hear of your great work in the future,

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