Saturday, June 2, 2012

[6.002x] Final exam

Hello all,

This week, we will take the final exam for 6.002x. Like the midterm exam, you are given a number of days to complete the exam, though you are supposed to finish the exam in a single 24 hour session.

Important information:
  • My final day in Mongolia is June 10th (Sunday), so it is really crucial that we finish the exam this week.
  • As far as MITx is concerned, you are able to take the exam between June 7th (Thursday this week) to June 12th (Tuesday next week).
  • For 11th graders, due to the Mongolian college entrance exam, we must take the exam on June 7th (Thursday).
  • Otherwise, 9th and 10th graders are able to take the exam on Friday.
On Monday -- Wednesday, please come to the regularly scheduled lab hours and class sessions. I will go over exam review with each of you. 

To do well on the 6.002x exam, I request that you review the homework assignments that we've worked on over the past three months, and make sure that you understand the basic concepts underlying their solution.

See you tomorrow,

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