Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[6.002x] MITx certificates

Dear all,

The 6.002x certificates from MITx are now available for download. You should go to your 'Profile' page, and there will be a link to generate the MITx certificate. You can get it with and without the course grade.

I hope you are proud of your achievement, and that in the future you will continue to strive beyond the ordinary,



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  2. Hello All!

    I would ask you about MIT`s certificate.
    I registered to Computer Science and Programming course ( 4 Fed 2013 beginning).
    is it true that after graduating i can get certificate?

    Thanks for your answers,
    and I beg your pardon for my English.

  3. can i get a certificate from the course?
    Computer Science and Programming course